2018: A Year of Perspective



It’s hard to sum up a year full of ups and downs in a simple journal entry.

If I could sum it up in one word, that word would be perspective.

2018 was an exciting year of growth and change. However, it didn’t come easy. Every success and every victory coincided with some form of heartbreak or failure. Early on I became emotionally and creatively drained. I was overworked and mentally taxed. I found myself in a position where I didn’t belong and was challenged in all the wrong ways.

As I attempted to navigate myself out of this rut, I saw several opportunities slip through my fingers. With each failed attempt and/or missed opportunity, I found my rut becoming a deeper and deeper hole. Opportunities I thought were tailor made for me, never came to fruition. I started to question my abilities, my work, my personality, my entire identity as a creative person. I started to question myself.

Then one day I started digging. I started cleaning hard drives, desktops, and even old sketchbooks. As I began to sift through nearly a decade’s worth of work, I realized something.

I have a lot of good work. I have worked for several brands and companies many only dream of working for. As I sifted through drawings and sketches, my spirit became quickly invigorated. While I have certainly done my fair share of sub-par work, seeing my varied capabilities as an artist buried on a hard drive was inspiring.

Inspiration gradually grew into confidence. Confidence grew into perspective. I realized that even when I feel low and defeated - I can look back and see that I have done some really cool shit and worked with some awesome people.

Not long after this perspective set in, I found myself walking into my dream job where I get to the freedom to forge my own path and push my boundaries as a designer. It’s funny how things work out.

2019 is going to be a year full of adventure and excitement and most importantly some really cool work.

All you beer drinkers out there, keep an eye on BBCO as we take the brand to all new places. To all my adventurous friends out there, Compas is coming for you!

Happy New Year!